Our Agile Team

Diego, CEO

Founder and chief visionary, Diego is the driving force behind the company. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of the software, marketing, and large projects.

Saumil, Senior Odoo developper

Saumil loves taking on challenges.  With a passion for coding and problem-solving, Saumil brings a wealth of experience to our team. He masters in crafting elegant software solutions and mastering the latest programming languages, dedicated to propelling our projects to new heights.

Emilie, Business Analyst

Meet our adept Business Analyst, a master of multitasking. Emilie is the key to our project success, managing several tasks at once with ease. Her sharp analytical skills and strong organization ensure each project gets the attention it deserves, guaranteeing excellent results.

Vatsal, Odoo developper

Meet Vatsal, our digital wizard. With a deep understanding of the technical landscape, Vatsal is dedicated to making your projects exceptional. From advanced web apps to seamless algorithms, Vatsal combines creativity and technical skills to deliver outstanding solutions.

group of people using laptop computer

Small enough to succeed

We are at the antipode of "too big to fail". We are a small team and we would like to keep it that way. We believe too often the responsibility of a project can be lost among the many roles our era impose to a project.  Because we are small  adapt easily and never lose sight of our main objective.

Our team is made of different project managers who also act as functional analysts  and on top of that we are lucky enough to have code wizard among us !  Some of our technical profiles are long term collaborators located nearshore.

Our recruitment process

CV Screening

You apply through our website and we receive your CV and Cover Letter.

In Person Interview

Candidates who match our job description will be invited to a in person (eventually remote) interview.

Knowledge Assessment

After a successful interview, we will double check your skills with an online assessment.

Meet the Team

As soon as you ace your assessment you'll be invited meet the entire team and we will make you an offer.

Let's grow together !

If we are lucky to have you on board we'll get to the moon hand in hand!