Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

An ERP is a tool allowing to manage your business efficiently it covers all processes of your business from sales, operation and support.

Historically ERP were heavy software running on premise servers, ERP were costly and required up to years of implementation. This time is now over.

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Why Odoo ?

Wide scope of applications

Odoo covers a large scope of your business operations. Website, eCommerce, Sales, Purchase, HR, Accounting, Projects, Manufacturing, etc Those applications respond to all types of business requirements and can improve all your processes. Finally, those applications are even more valuable thanks to their ability to interact with each other.

Pay as you grow

You can use Odoo with a few apps and purchase more as your requirements evolve. Same goes with the number of users, that you may increase or decrease with the evolution of your needs. Odoo is more affordable and allows you to pay only for what you need.

Fast implementation

The complete implementation time (analysis, budgeting, roadmap, implementation, software coaching, etc) for an Odoo project may take only a few weeks depending on the company needs.

Integrate with other softwares

Often companies do not want to get rid of some tools they use in their current day to day operations (existing accounting software, CRM, etc) . In those cases Odoo may easily connect with external softwares and make sure information flows back and forth.

Why working with an  Odoo partner ?

Odoo thousands of employees are doing an outstanding job at building a great software. Odoo focuses in on developing a software.

Unlike Odoo, we are specialized in understanding business needs and see how Odoo can best fit those needs. Those business and analytical skills are different that the one your need to develop a generic software

Other benefits are:

  • We have a dedicated contact with Odoo. As we manage many Odoo clients we have access to exclusive resources at Odoo (Odoo headquarter is 20 min away from our office).
  • We are a small team and remain very agile, we are fast and accessible
  • Everyone in the team has at least 3 years of experience in the software industry
  • We come onsite to better understand our client processes and be part of the client challenges
  • We are fully neutral and transparent in our standard vs custom analysis. We will make developments to customize your Odoo if your business needs it
  • We will advise you in the unlikely case Odoo does not fit your needs

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Why Agitech as your Odoo partner ?

Business first

We are business professionals using IT to improve your company processes, not the other way round. We keep a cost-benefit approach to be consistent with all other aspects your digital transformation (UX, SEO, etc).

Strong project management 

We master the art of managing a project efficiently, "Agile" is in our DNA and we make sure we we take a quick and adaptable approach to deliver within time and budget.

No delivery no fee

Our industry is time based, we believe no matter the time we spent building your software, you should not be invoiced until you have a completed milestone in hand.

Different companies different needs 

Agitech is dedicated to Odoo - in fact, it's what we use for our own business! When you work with Agitech, you will have a team of dedicated individuals that have - quite literally - trained for this moment!

25h Project Pack

€2 875

  • Basic analysis of your workflow

  •  Configuration of basic applications (does not include Inventory, MRP, PLM and Accounting)
  • Basic data import ( contacts and product with no variants)
  • No development and/ or customization

  • A single person will be in contact with a Business Analyst
  • Hours must be consumed within 5 weeks

50h Project Pack

€ 5 500

  • Full analysis of your business

  • Configuration of any Odoo application, including Inventory, MRP, PLM and Accounting
  •  Data import (contacts and any type of products)

  • Basic customization using Odoo Studio

  • Minimum 5 sessions of training for you and your team with a Business Analyst
  • Hours must be consumed within 12 weeks

Project (100h+)

On demand

  • Full ROI analysis of your business and the paybacks of implementing Odoo
  • Configuration of any Odoo application, including Inventory, MRP, PLM and Accounting
  • Full data migration from previous software no matter the data you need to import in Odoo (documents, etc)
  • May include more complex customization  and/ or  integrations with other softwares
  • Several sessions of training with your team and a Project Manager
  • Pay a fixed amount for the delivery of milestones within a certain timeframe, just make sure your keep up with the project velocity

Financial aid for Digital Transformation

In Belgium clients may benefit from aid from the Region to sustain their digital transformation project. Our company is an official labelled provider for those aids for companies headquartered in Brussels , Wallonia and Flemish Region. 

Those aids may cover up 50-90% of the Odoo project fees  for specific services (such as business analysis, requirement lists and sometimes implementation) depending on several criteria.

You may consult the following website for the Brussels Region,  the Walloon Region and the Flemish Region to check  whether your company is eligible.

In France we have the CII (crédit d'impôt à l'innovation) agrément. The innovation tax credit is a tax measure reserved for SMEs. The latter can benefit from a tax credit of 20-30% of the expenses necessary for the design of prototypes or pilot installations of new products.

We always help our clients succeed with their application, please note however that financial aid is never guaranteed and is subject to the approval of the administration of each Region. 

Finally a financial aid application will often delay the start date of a project since no quotation nor advance payments may be done before the approval of the Administration. We therefore advise our clients to start their application as soon as possible.

Bruxelles Economie et Emploi

Chèques entreprises - Région Walonne

CII Crédit d'impôt